„You can't manage what you don't measure” - Peter Drucker

Complex Active Directory environment

In a world where data is a key asset, Active Directory (AD) acts as the foundation for managing access and security in an organization. Ensuring Active Directory security therefore becomes a priority, and as OpenBIZ, with our extensive knowledge and Tenable tools, we can do it. AD security is becoming not only the norm, but also a strong foundation for the entire digital infrastructure.

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Why is Active Directory security critical to an organization?

Advanced access control:

Our solutions provide advanced access control, enabling precise management of user privileges. This ensures that every access to resources is rigorously controlled.

Activity monitoring:

Security is not just a matter of access, but also of being aware of what is happening. Our tools offer full Active Directory activity monitoring, allowing you to quickly detect anomalies and potential threats.

Group management automation:

Managing groups in AD can be a complex task. Our tools automate group management processes, eliminating human error and ensuring consistency in privilege assignment.


In an era of constant cyber-attacks, our solutions offer comprehensive protection against attempts to compromise Active Directory security. Prevent attacks and respond to them before they become a serious threat.

Continuous security audits and analysis:

Security is an ongoing process. Our tools enable regular security audits and analysis, providing feedback and identifying areas that need strengthening.

Let's ensure Active Directory security, let's create a solid foundation to secure your organization against today's and tomorrow's security challenges.

Tenable Active Directory Security Solutions

Tenable Indentify Exposure provides security in the complex and complicated world of Active Directory. With state-of-the-art solutions from Tenable, you'll get a complete view of Active Directory and see all security vulnerabilities.

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Training and assistance in proper operation

Our employees, have knowledge backed by numerous certifications and over 10 years of experience working with Tenable products. They will guide you through the entire process of properly implementing Tenable Identity Exposure in your organization. We also offer assistance if you have any doubts or problems while working with Tenable Identity Exposure. In addition, we provide training to teach every employee of an organization that uses Tenable solutions to use the products to their full potential.

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