„You can't manage what you don't measure” - Peter Drucker

OT and ICS Cyber Risk Management

An industrial security solution for the modern industrial enterprise. It can help your customers identify assets in their OT environment, communicate risk, prioritize action and enable IT and OT security teams to work better together.

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Get in-depth operational technology (OT) asset visibility to better understand, manage and reduce your cyber risk. Tenable OT Security is an industrial security solution for your modern industrial enterprise. It can help you identify assets in your OT environment, communicate risk, prioritize action and enable your IT and OT security teams to work better together.

With a comprehensive set of security tools and reports, Tenable OT Security provides unmatched visibility across IT and OT security operations and delivers deep situational awareness across all global sites and their respective assets — from Windows servers to PLC backplanes — in a single interface.

Key Benefits

In-depth Asset Visibility 

Immediately discover all devices on your network whether they are active or dormant and get visibility into make, model and firmware version.

Expousure Management

Track risk scores and identify vulnerable assets giving you a simple method to mitigate threats and make the best use of your security team’s time.

Streamlined Audits

Validate configuration, change logs and access controls to ensure systems are compliant against corporate policies.

Key Capabilities

Converged Visibility

Tenable OT Security provides complete enterprise visibility by integrating with the rest of the Tenable product portfolio as well as leading IT security tools,
such as SIEM, SOAR, next generation firewalls, diode based firewalls and more.

Threat and Anomaly Detection

Attack vectors can proactively identify weak points in your OT environment before an attack ever occurs. Tenable OT Security’s multi-detection engine identifies policy violations, detects anomalous behaviors and tracks signatures for potential high-risk events. Granular control allows you to set and fine-tune detection methods so they are optimized for your environment. With context-rich alerts, you can quickly respond and mitigate threats impacting your operations.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Tenable OT Security leverages domain expertise in industrial security for OT assets and Nessus for IT assets. Tenable’s VPR scoring generates vulnerability and risk levels using each asset in your ICS network. Reports include detailed insights, along with mitigation suggestions. This enables authorized personnel to quickly identify the highest risk for priority remediation before attackers can exploit vulnerabilities.

Asset Management

Tenable OT Security gives you deep insights and unparalleled situational awareness into your infrastructure without impacting operations. This patented approach gathers far more information than network monitoring alone, including identification of devices that do not communicate on your network.

Configuration Snapshots

Compare current device snapshots with previous snapshots to get a better understanding of changes to your OT environment, including details into what happened and when changes occurred. You can even roll a device back to its last known good state.

Integration with Tenable Security Center

It is possible to combine Tenable OT with Security Center, which allows the two worlds, OT and IT, to merge, with full data diode recognition. This means that Security Center is only the recipient of the data, without scanning the technical infrastructure.

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