„You can't manage what you don't measure” - Peter Drucker

Secure Active Directory and eliminate attack paths

Take control of Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD security to find and fix errors before they become business problems.

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Tenable Identity Exposure is a fast, agentless Active Directory security solution that allows you to see everything in your complex Active Directory environment, predict what matters to reduce risk and eliminate attack paths before attackers exploit them.

Full Active Directory security in the organization

Security scanning and assessment

As with pentest, existing security misconfigurations and attack paths are assumed to exist in each AD service. Scanning and assessment locate them

Attack path detection

Attackers rarely look directly at the underlying settings for their attacks. They look for misconfigurations and vulnerable processes that they can exploit and gain privileges. Attack path detection detects the same routes an attacker wants to use and sends alerts when they are opened.

Detect and Respond to Active Directory Attacks in Real Time

Detect Active Directory attacks like DCShadow, Brute Force, Password Spraying, DCSync and more. Tenable Identity Exposure enriches your SIEM, SOC or SOAR with attack insights so you can quickly respond and stop attacks.

Threat detection

Most attackers create multiple backdoors to AD whenever they get the chance. Therefore, if a single misconfiguration or malicious activity is detected, security professionals can perform actions to see if any other backdoors are initiated

Security enhancement

Proactively ensure that settings and configurations are configured with security in mind.

Historical reporting

Ability to run detailed queries against DB ,changes that have occurred in AD over time to see trends, changes and even track attacks.

Compliance reporting

The process of creating reports on current and historical settings. Activities in AD that ensure adherence to basic security policies.

Proactive AD security

Tenable Identity Exposure's approach is to perform the same reconnaissance and analysis activities that the attacker does

  • No agents
  • No permissions
  • Nothing installed on any DC
  • Initial scanning and evaluation of existing misconfigurations and attack paths to the existing AD environment
  • Automatic and continuous analysis of new attack paths
  • Real-time alerts and SIEM/SOAR integration for immediate response
  • Ongoing attack detection
  • Threat detection to ensure that misconfigurations are detected

Continuous detection and prevention of attacks on the Active Directory service

No agents. No permissions. No delays.

Prevents and detects advanced Active Directory attacks without agents or permissions.

Simplicity of implementations

Tenable Identity Exposure provides flexible architectural designs: on-prem to keep data on-prem and under control, and SaaS to leverage the cloud. It supports Active Directory and Azure Active Directory.

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