„You can't manage what you don't measure” - Peter Drucker

Gain Visibility Into Your External Attack Surface

Get comprehensive visibility into all of your internet-connected assets, services and applications to better understand your organization’s full digital footprint and better assess and manage risk.

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Tenable Attack Surface Management continuously maps the entire internet and discovers connections to your internet-facing assets so you can discover and assess the security posture of your entire external attack surface.


Know Your Attack Surface

Take advantage of the largest attack surface map in the world with 5 billion internet-facing assets from over 500 data sources.

Gain Insight in Minutes

Establish your entire attack surface in minutes, not months, with minimal configuration required.

 Understand Business Context

Easily categorize assets using 200 fields of metadata and comprehensive filtering to make informed decisions.

Monitor Changes

Gain an up-to-date view of your assets as your attack surface changes with daily or bi-weekly data refreshes

Easily Assess for Risk

Launch vulnerability and web application scans of newly discovered assets with just a few clicks to understand your exposures.

Key Capabilities

Attack Surface Visibility

Gain access to every internet-accessible asset, from web servers and name servers to IoT devices and network printers. Tenable Attack Surface Management has one of the largest attack surface maps in the world with over 5 billion internet-facing assets from 500+ data sources.

Unlimited Top-Level Domains

Tenable Attack Surface Management enables you to select as many domain names as you would like to discover and analyze. Mitigate cyber risk and avert potential threats by knowing what you own, but you can also reveal the attack surface of current and potential competitors to identify strategic opportunities. Or you can instantly see every internet-facing asset of a potential Merger & Acquisition target company as part of due diligence to discern risk early

Continuous Data Refreshes

Your attack surface is highly dynamic with new assets constantly spinning up, changing or spinning down. This makes it very difficult to keep track of all changes and near impossible to understand the impact to your cyber risk. Tenable.asm continuously updates terabytes of data to ensure you get the most up-to-date version of your attack surface, and you have the option to select bi-weekly or daily refresh rates based on your organizational requirements.

Attack Surface Change Alerts

Tenable Attack Surface Management helps you easily analyze changes in your attack surface with Subscriptions, which are custom lists of assets based on user-defined criteria and updated automatically. Select from more than 100 different events related to compliance, technology, exposure and more, and receive automatic updates and alerts as new and important changes occur

Rich Asset Context and Attribution

Tenable Attack Surface Management enriches billions of internet-accessible assets with over 200 fields of metadata, such as CMS type, TLS certificate expiration date, geo-IP physical location, and cloud or CDN provider, to help you make more informed decisions. Understand potential exposures related to technology fingerprinting, port
scanning, and more. You can instantly refresh asset details and view asset history to view changes

Suggested Domains

Tenable Attack Surface Management discovers domain names related to assets in your inventory and suggests them automatically with details as to why the domain may be owned by you. This helps you discover domain names that you may not realize you own. You have full control over which assets are added to your inventory once you verify ownership.

Asset Management

Tenable Attack Surface Management helps you easily sort and manage assets based on filters, tags, data types and much more. Select and save filters to help you see which assets are most important to you. Apply tags based on asset information to streamline asset management.

Well Documented API

Tenable Attack Surface Management enables you to create your own customized integrations by leveraging a fully documented RESTful API to support your security systems and workflows.

Full Integration into Tenable Solutions

Tenable Attack Surface Management is fully integrated  with other Tenable products inculding Web Application Scanning so that you can quickly take action
on newly discovered internet-facing assets. You can create vulnerability and web application scans in just a few clicks to remove any bllindspots. This delivers unified visibility into attack surface asset and exposure data and provides important context of potential attack paths from external systems to critical assets

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