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Web App Scanning

Modern web applications continue to be a challenge for organizations to secure as developers build increasingly complex business applications faster than ever. Many organizations are releasing new or updated web applications multiple times per day, each containing multiple vulnerabilities on average. Often outnumbered by developers by 100:1,
security teams are struggling to keep up, and many web applications are not assessed for security issues until it’s too late. Lack of application security skills and resources inhibit many organizations from adequately defending against cyberthreats

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Security leaders must have visibility into the security of all of their web applications as part of a comprehensive Exposure Management solution to gain a complete view of their security and compliance posture. Whether purchased as a standalone module to Tenable Vulnerability Management, or as a component of Tenable One Exposure Management Platform, Tenable Web App Scanning provides visibility into the security of all web applications. Available as a SaaS based or on-prem solution, you get safe and automated vulnerability scanning that can easily scale to cover the entire portfolio, so security professionals can rapidly assess their web applications without heavy manual effort. Tenable Web App Scanning provides high detection rates with minimal false positives, ensuring you understand the true cyber risk in your web apps.

Key Benefits

Improve Scanning Confidence

Deliver highly accurate results with minimal false positives and negatives, giving you and your developers confidence that your reports are accurate

Reduce Manual Work Efforts

Low-touch automated scanning allows you to understand your web application security risks as your environment changes without the manual effort and time otherwise needed

Remove Security Blind Spots

Scan all of your applications, including those built using modern web frameworks, such as JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5 and Single Page Applications.

Rapid Security Assessments

Deliver immediate value with fast web application scans to discover common security hygiene issues that run in two minutes or less

Reduce Product Sprawl

Gain visibility into your true cyber risks across your modern attack surface as part of the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform to decrease complexity and
product sprawl.

Key Capabilities

Understand Your Web Applications

Tenable Web App Scanning gives you visibility into the page structure and layout of your web applications so you can understand your risk and know which vulnerabilities to patch first

Advanced Dashboard Capabilities

Dashboards in Tenable Web App Scanning give you “at-a-glance” visibility into scanned web applications. You’re able to view vulnerability exposure based on Tenable One scoring, such as Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR), Asset Criticality Rating (ACR) and Asset Exposure Score (AES). You can quickly pivot to OWASP Top 10 Security issues, critical vulnerabilities and scan remediation actions and take preventative actions with quick pivots to view unscanned web applications and investigate findings.

Safe Scanning of Web Applications

In order to prevent performance latency and disruptions, it’s important to define parts of critical web applications that are safe to scan and define other parts that should never be scanned. With Tenable Web App Scanning, you can exclude parts of the web application to be scanned by providing the URLs or file extensions to be excluded from the scan, ensuring the scanner is non-intrusive

Automated Web Application Scanning

With the scarcity (and cost) of security professionals, it’s important to find solutions that offer automation to help alleviate the lack of security resources. Tenable Web App Scanning allows you to simply and rapidly assess all of your web applications with a highly automated solution that reduces your manual work effort.

Coverage of Modern Web Application Frameworks

Legacy web app scanners can’t keep up with the modern applications that have exploded in development today. Tenable Web App Scanning is not only able to scan traditional HTML web applications, but also supports dynamic web applications built using HTML5, JavaScript and AJAX frameworks, including Single Page Applications.

Rapidly Detect Cyber Hygiene Issues

Tenable Web App Scanning provides two pre-built scanning templates for common and potentially costly web application misconfigurations. The SSL/TLS
Scan checks for invalid, expiring or improperly issued certificates that trigger browser warning messages and user bounce rates. The Config Audit Scan checks
for overly descriptive responses to HTTP calls that provide valuable reconnaissance information to wouldbe hackers. Both scans complete in several minutes for
near-immediate results

3rd-Party Component Scanning

Web applications comprise up to 85% third-party and open source components, including Content Management Systems, web servers and language engines, that often contain dangerous vulnerabilities. Tenable Web App Scanning can identify third-party components in an application and assess them for vulnerabilities as part of a comprehensive web application scan.

Unified Web App Scanning and Exposure Management

Tenable Web App Scanning is available as a standalone application or as part of the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform. As part of Tenable One, you get
a unified view of risk, across all asset types from IT to OT, cloud to code and web apps to Active Directory to better understand your true security posture and quickly
identify and address gaps that may go unnoticed in a siloed, multi-vendor environment.

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