„You can't manage what you don't measure” - Peter Drucker

Anticipate attacks and reduce cyber risk with Tenable One Expousure management platform

With Tenable One, you can now convert technical data about assets, vulnerabilities and threats into clear business intelligence and useful information for security executives.

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Combine broad exposure covering IT assets, cloud assets, containers, web applications and identity platforms with threat analysis and data science from Tenable Research. Focus efforts on preventing probable attacks and accurately communicating cyber risks to support optimal business performance.

Key Benefits

Complexity and visibility

Tenable One helps cybersecurity teams get a unified view of all assets and related software vulnerabilities, configuration gaps and privilege gaps, both local and in the cloud, to understand where the organization is most at risk.

Anticipate and prioritize

The platform helps security leaders anticipate the consequences of a cyberattack by tapping into the industry's largest dataset and understanding the relationships between assets, exposures, permissions and threats across the attack path.

Effective communication and demonstrated cyber risk

Security executives and business leaders have a centralized and business-tailored view of cyber risk. Clear KPIs show progress over time with benchmarking against external companies. The platform provides practical insights into overall cyber risk, with the ability to drill down into departments or operating units.

Key Capabilities

Exposure View enables focused security efforts through clear, concise insight into your organization’s security exposure through a unified global exposure score drawn from a variety of different data sources.

It helps answer such critical questions as:

  • How secure are we?
  • Where do we stand in our preventative and mitigation efforts?
  • How are we doing over time?
  • What are the key events?
Eliminate attack paths

Attack path visualization and prioritization capabilities provide a pre-emptively focused response to remove the paths attackers may take. It performs this function by mapping critical risks to the MITRE ATTACK framework to visualize all viable attack paths continuously — both on-prem and in the cloud. Answering such questions as, “What are all of the assets that can be impacted if an attacker exploits CVE-2022-1338?” and “Which users or devices can access my most sensitive business assets?”

Eliminate blind spots

Comprehensive Asset Inventory provides full visibility into all assets and exposures regardless of data source (vulnerability management, cloud security,web app security, OT/IoT security, active directory security

Make comparisons

Compare cyber risk between business units or locations internally, and against industry peers externally, to determine where and when to make key human and financial investments.

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