„You can't manage what you don't measure” - Peter Drucker

Counterintelligence operations

Counterintelligence operations do not require the customer to purchase its own software and include analysis of the customer's network for threats affecting the security of applications and data.

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Scope of counterintelligence operations

  • Search for redundant privileges in systems, applications and services
  • Analyzing user activity indicating unauthorized activities
  • Setting up traps in systems, passive traffic analysis systems, and taking operational actions to detect the source of data leakage or unauthorized modifications.
  • Collecting, analyzing and preparing evidence as required by Polish law
  • Ongoing reporting to the client's top management, supervisory board or internal control department
  • Cooperation with law enforcement agencies (if necessary) in substantive and operational matters, both at the stage of investigation and pre-trial proceedings
  • Appearance in Court as a witness for the prosecution, preparation of expert reports on behalf of the Court, substantive support for the public prosecutor or the client (if the case is a private prosecution)
  • Appearing in the Labor Court as a witness for the Client in the event of a dispute with an employee.

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